Digital Artefact Brainstorm


I have always been interested in constructing short films, and have done so throughout my entire schooling e.g. making videos to showcase various camps, trips, formals, reflections on the year, etc. So I know that I want to make a video of some kind as this is where my strengths and passion lies. I am currently thinking of uploading this video to either YouTube or Vimeo.

In terms of ideas for the video itself

I rigorously enjoying watching past artefacts of the students before me, most of which showcased a humorous element which made for enjoyable viewing. Although I would love to draw inspiration from this, I feel as though my style incorporates more ‘realistic’ elements so to speak, and I would love to draw on this for my artefact as I am set on making a well filmed, well thought out, inspirational video.

I am thinking at the moment that I would like to make a video which includes the students and activities that make my college the incredible place it is. I could include short interviews with some of the residents, perhaps answering questions such as:

  • What makes living here so special?
  • What is your favourite aspect about living at college?
  • How does living on campus vary from your usual lifestyle at home?

In terms of social utility

This video could be used as a promotional tool which assists future UOW students and their families when searching for their ideal accomodation, whilst also serve as a memorable piece which encapsulates valuable moments for current students living here.

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