Craft. What is it?

Well, good question.

Personally, I think this notion directly relates to an individual or organisation’s desire to explore unexplored territory when it comes to producing or utilising new mediums and content. This could include the combination of various elements to produce a something new, and suggests that the calibre of the result is not predestined. An example of this creative process of craftsmanship is the fairly recent digital use of ‘glitches’ as an art form, whereby this incidental technical fault in mechanical objects i.e. television, has been experimentally sculpted to create something rather unique and gratifying.

James Connolly describes the glitch as “an infliction of errors and chance operations upon and/or enabling improvisational aesthetic explorations into processes that are ordinarily mechanical and automated”, which supports this ideology of new experiences being made possible via the process of craft which has resulted in light of a recent shift in material to digital practices.

Below is an example of some glitch artwork that I have experimented with myself. I definitely think it is a quirky and interesting type of expression!


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