Producing content – new modes

Content production is not going anywhere in the near future. In fact, it is the model of production that is currently in jeopardy, or more specifically, journalism. The emergence of new forms of content production from new media users has resulted from a communication trajectory whereby there are no gatekeepers to filter content, and this new participation is inflicting highly damaging affects on our current forms of legacy (or ‘mainstream’) media. Jordan Greenhall’s article ‘The Future of Organization’ of 2015 supports this idea, detailing that “it is easy for each member to simultaneously see and feel how his or her contributions contribute to the success of the whole”.

But why is such a movement causing so much chaos? We always revert to our trusted news sources for the real stuff, right?

Well, forms of legacy media such as distributed journalism are having to devise new strategies in order to prevent their audiences from acting as publishers in order to survive. These new mediums (namely the internet and its associated sites) are free of cost of entry and do not possess a quality filter, therefore there is no limit to who can post or what can be posted. This type of alternative media communicates from many to many as opposed to one to many; no restrictions, no one-sided story.

So, where will you go to for your news now?

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