Remix Culture

Read-only culture: a one directional procedure whereby content is fed through a traditional media source… Users are delivered a specific idea that lacks the inclusion of other elements which add diversity.

In read-write culture however, the media user becomes more active; utilising the messages they receive and recycling elements of these in an imaginative way to create a new concept. This idea is explored through an article by Lawrence Lessig in 2008, detailing that this type of media culture promotes user empowerment and aids the process of the convergence of audience dynamics, especially in the format of remixes and mashups i.e. through music, which involves the combination of two or more different elements to create a new sound.

Personally, I am all for this type of innovation, as I myself have had exposure to the hype that can be generated from a popular song with a steady beat that has been revamped to include a bass drop or two. I’ve also heard my fair share of failed attempts at this, but it is a combination of these attempts and successes that provide the opportunity for new ideas to be stimulated, hence constantly developing a more intricate audience dynamic.

Here is my first attempt at a short remix of Axel Thesleff’s ‘Bad Karma’ and Estelle’s ‘American Boy’ for your enjoyment :’)

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