Transmedia Storytelling???

Transmedia storytelling – sounds fancy, but what exactly is it and what does it involve?

Well, put as simply as I can manage, this concept embodies a process whereby aspects of an original story or idea (such as a novel) are methodically distributed across numerous communication mediums. In one of his articles, Henry Jenkins describes the purpose of this process as “creating a unified and coordinated entertainment experience” which “reflects the economics of the media consolidation or what industry observers call “synergy””.

So each channel contributes its own unique participation to the developing story, deeming it to be the perfect manifestation for a generation of increasing collective intelligence.

Gianluca Fiorelli’s ‘Transmedia Storytelling: The Complete Guide’ of 2015 draws attention to the idea that a modern transmedia environment does not necessarily have to be fictitious. I do agree with this notion, as when you truly consider real world examples, think about how certain perspectives on global brand values (take Adidas for example) are shaped through what they devise for advertising purposes.

It can be a tricky concept to grasp, however modern media generally holds interest across a variety of what were once discrete industries.

Hopefully this quick video will clear up any remaining queries:

One thought on “Transmedia Storytelling???

  1. Hi Kate, really great read, however in your post I wish you would have used a practical example to further discuss and help explain what transmedia is and how it is useful. I think the Matrix is a really good example as it allows for large corporations to obtain more money through other purchases to strengthen the plot of a story rather than just rely on sales from the movie. Just for next time, as it makes it easier to understand 🙂 Otherwise really insightful and great writing.


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