What a time to be alive…

It really confuses me – the fact that a non-human existence can obtain such a substantial social following online; feeding off this interest to communicate with the human world. What is it about these micro-celebrity ‘bots’ that is so intriguing and inspiring to media users? I don’t know for sure, but I tried to delve a little deeper into the issue…

An article by Bianca Boscer from the Huffington Post claims that Twitter bots in particular are “getting more influence than Oprah”, which truly is utterly mind-blowing to think about. A similar article by Alice Marwick proposes reasons for this popularity, stating that “although there is no way to determine the ‘authenticity’ of any celebrity practice, this uncertainty appeals to some audiences, who enjoy the game playing intrinsic to gossip consumption.” So this sense of mystery creates an extra level of interest, I mean I am pretty fascinated by the whole thing. I suppose then, as computer generated existences, these micro-celebrities can be programmed to be awe-inspiring and appealing to mass audiences based on analysis of social media trends. It really is quite a time to be alive.


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