Progress Update!

The main challenge facing me at the moment in regards to getting a firm grasp on the third and final part of my research assessment is time. Being called in to work 5 shifts this week (which is 2 more than usual!) and trying to keep on top of 4 other assessments which are due in the coming weeks is a growing challenge, but I understand that I may need to take measures in order to combat this. This research assessment is not something that can be completed in a short period of time – it involves enormous planning and requires a rather extensive timeframe in order to both prep, collect and analyse data. I do believe however that this task can be broken down into small parts (as I have outlined in the project design and management task), whereby week by week I can dedicate short time periods to complete small sections. Currently in the phase of brainstorming and soon to be finalising appropriate survey and focus group questions, I hope to be promoting and encouraging these questions to be attempted by my desired audiences very soon! Sharing links via my Twitter account with hashtags which can easily be made visible to the BCM212 cohort which I am targeting, as well as on my personal blog which naturally attracts interested readers will allow me to start collecting information for analysis down the track. With other students currently attempting to promote their research collection methods in similar ways, I also plan on offering my time to complete these as I understand the fervent need for responses with the clock constantly ticking in our ears! I also must remember that I am not the only student with a build up of Uni and work commitments to get through, and therefore have to be respectful of the way in which I promote the completion of my survey as their time is also extremely valuable, especially at such a time in the semester. 

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