Task 3 Reflection

Throughout the course of BCM212, it is safe to say that I have very much expanded my knowledge on the many facets of research practice, especially in regards to research design, data analytics, research ethics, reporting on findings and creating public opinion. With this new knowledge, I have been able to draw upon a topic that I am passionate about, and from it, devise a project that I believe has been a worth while study. The results of my research task aligned with my hypothesis of an increase in coffee consumption in students after commencing university, yet still produced some very interesting results. I was quite surprised at how many students actually rely on coffee to perform at their optimal level, yet was expecting more students to have progressed from weaker to stronger brews which was not overly evident in the results. In terms of project structure and time management, looking back, I feel as though I should have invested more time into promoting my survey, as the majority of respondents who participated did so because they followed the hashtag #BCM212 on Twitter. From this, I was only able to attract 38 respondents and was ideally hoping for a minimum of 45. I also could have managed the final stages of this task a little better, as I became inundated with final assessments come week 13. Leaving my opinion piece and ensuing parts to the last couple of days before it was due was probably not the greatest idea, yet I still managed to produce a piece that I was proud of. Despite the small sample size, I was very satisfied with the results produced by these respondents. I found that the combined methods of both the online survey and focus group worked very well together, as I was able to gather a mixture of quantitative and qualitative data. I also had a great time designing the survey; immediately checking every single response as I began to receive notifications when someone had completed it. With the exception of a few unhelpful comments such as “I feel sick when I drink full cream milk” or “congrats Kate, brews on fleek”, I was extremely satisfied with the success of the survey, and the focus group was also great for gathering information in a more social setting! Overall, I have very much enjoyed being a part of BCM212, and will definitely take what I have learned onwards as I progress into a career in communications and media.

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