Phone Usage at the Beach

In contemporary times, millions of people across the globe are literally addicted to their mobile phone, and many experience feelings of fear or anxiety if deprived of such a device. Although this idea applies to all kinds of mobile devices and not simply market leader ‘Apple’, an article I read recently entitled ‘How Apple Creates Popular Culture’, perfectly captures this notion. It details that “Apple embodies popular culture. It generates popular culture… their customers are some of the most loyal and passionate fans around who are willing to camp out for up to five nights in order to get their latest mobile.” It can be argued that mobile phones are completely saturating our culture, and this is a topic I am particularly interested in and have explored on a personal level in a recent blog post entitled ‘Media Consumption – An Introduction to Mine‘. In this post, I explain the moment that I realised the emotional attachment I have with my phone is rather outrageous and unnecessary. Thus, through this study, I hope to reveal if others like me are in similar situations when taking their phones to the beach with them.

I hypothesise that the main reasons for phone usage in an environment such as the beach, will run along the lines of photography/posing for social media posts, genuine fears of being detached from phones, as a means of entertainment whilst sun baking, and perhaps awaiting to receive news or messages from distant parties. I look forward to finding out if such a hypothesis turns out to be true, or if beachgoers will reveal other reasons that have not previously crossed my mind. After some additional research, I managed to find a multitude of websites offering instructions on how to keep phones safe at the beach, indicating to me that there is a prominent concern regarding phone protection in such an environment. 

As I move through this observational study, I will continue to utilise my blog as a platform for displaying my ideas and findings, and direct interested parties to this site through social media such as Twitter. I find that Twitter is a very useful platform for attracting readers, as the majority of my followers are communications students and may well have an interest in my work (my Twitter account can be found under @katebailey273). I truly believe that this topic will produce some interesting information, including usage trends amongst different ages, demographics, cultures, subcultures and nationalities. I look forward to sharing my findings! 

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