As a a 20 year old student studying a Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies at the University of Wollongong, I have a fond interest in how the transmission of information continues to reform and reshape itself in our globalising environment, and how we as communicators must adapt to ensure continual relevance for our audiences.

I also have a passion for the art of photography, filmmaking, cinematography, graphic and visual design, as well as being a regular user of Instagram and various other social media sites. I enjoy these communication networks as I view them as a platform through which I can both share with and obtain information about those close to me, as well as the wider community with the publishing of a single photograph. I like the simplicity of social media and yet the diversity of its purposes, whereby users can choose to spark a sense of envy by posting vacation photos amongst their friends, or as a promotional tool to evoke interest in undertaking particular endeavours. This idea to me is pretty cool.

Aside from my studies, my hobbies include horse riding, athletic track events, piano and songwriting, hospitality and coffee making, health and fitness, baking, surfing, and also have an immense love for animals.

I am excited to both confront and accomplish the challenges ahead (both for my University studies and whatever else comes alongside it), and aspire to expand my knowledge of the world of advertising and public relations whilst collaborating with some inspiring peopleĀ along the way. :’)

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