Coffee & the Uni Lifestyle

What role does the University lifestyle play in influencing a student’s coffee consumption? It is generally recognised and understood that the transition period between high school and University is a tough one. It presents new personal and academic challenges, and attempts to encourage a higher level of professionalism in preparation for the fast approaching world […]

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Curiousity Introduction

I have to accuse myself of regularly falling deep into the Wikipedia rabbit-hole. As a naturally inquisitive person, one Google search for a formal dress will more than often lead to a consequent 45 minutes of filling my head with information about the suspected extinction of the Yangtze River dolphin in 2007 or something like […]

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Global film

Film. A phenomenon bursting with an amalgamation of ideas about people, lifestyles, attitudes, culture and possession. An experience where viewers can either associate with ideas conveying similarities in interests, or alternatively establish for themselves a view of a completely different manner of living. This unique experience has become available through the transnational flow of popular […]

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We need to open up!

It’s no secret that substandard treatment and recognition of international persons who come to Australian shores today is a prevalent issue, and this has had detrimental effects on perceptions of Australian morals and values across the border. The issue of internationalising education and cultural competence within Australia is one that must be improved if we […]

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Globalisation vs. Tradition

The term ‘globalisation’ and the effects that follow its widespread path across local terrain can be interpreted in a variety of ways; both for the greater good of the world and expectations of the worst. It’s meaning entails “an international community influenced by technological development… characterised by a worldwide increase in interdependence, interactivity, interconnectedness and […]

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What a time to be alive…

It really confuses me – the fact that a non-human existence can obtain such a substantial social following online; feeding off this interest to communicate with the human world. What is it about these micro-celebrity ‘bots’ that is so intriguing and inspiring to media users? I don’t know for sure, but I tried to delve […]

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Apple vs. Android

There are currently a number of tensions between that of ‘free-flowing’ digital content as such, and those known as ‘locked appliances’. The most relevant example that I could locate of this notion lies with Apple and Android smartphones. Now, as a manufacturer of iPads, iPods, iPhones etc., Apple only allow for downloads of apps that […]

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