Phone Usage at the Beach

In contemporary times, millions of people across the globe are literally addicted to their mobile phone, and many experience feelings of fear or anxiety if deprived of such a device. Although this idea applies to all kinds of mobile devices and not simply market leader ‘Apple’, an article I read recently entitled ‘How Apple Creates […]

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Ethnographic Approach to My Study

Phone usage at the beach – theft, misplacement, water damage, and sand weaving its’ way into the many nooks and crannies of your cellular device. Why do we continually decide to risk this? Why do we feel it is necessary to invite technology into spaces reflecting adventure, intimacy, relaxation and escape? To delve a little […]

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My Networked Home

Television, mobile phones and technological devices alike have allowed for the infiltration of images and news stories from the outside world into the private home. Thus, the meaning of connection and notion of our home as an intimate space has been transformed.  In this sense, previously living in an NBN connected home, I certainly view […]

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Cinema Ethnography

It’s 8:30pm. My housemates and I are nosily enjoying our rather late homemade burrito bowls that I whipped up for “Vego Thursdays”; an episode of ‘Friends’ blaring loudly through the tele as Joey begins to discover a budding relationship between Monica and Chandler in Season 1. I chew my beans and rice quickly, frequently glancing […]

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