What a time to be alive…

It really confuses me – the fact that a non-human existence can obtain such a substantial social following online; feeding off this interest to communicate with the human world. What is it about these micro-celebrity ‘bots’ that is so intriguing and inspiring to media users? I don’t know for sure, but I tried to delve […]

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Apple vs. Android

There are currently a number of tensions between that of ‘free-flowing’ digital content as such, and those known as ‘locked appliances’. The most relevant example that I could locate of this notion lies with Apple and Android smartphones. Now, as a manufacturer of iPads, iPods, iPhones etc., Apple only allow for downloads of apps that […]

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Transmedia Storytelling???

Transmedia storytelling – sounds fancy, but what exactly is it and what does it involve? Well, put as simply as I can manage, this concept embodies a process whereby aspects of an original story or idea (such as a novel) are methodically distributed across numerous communication mediums. In one of his articles, Henry Jenkins describes […]

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The fairly recent introduction of copyright regimes in controlling user interaction with content plays a significant role in the trajectory of the convergence of ideas through media platforms. But how is this so..? As explained by Lawrence Lessig in 2004, before the implementation of copyright laws, any individual or group could reproduce content and use it freely […]

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Remix Culture

Read-only culture: a one directional procedure whereby content is fed through a traditional media source… Users are delivered a specific idea that lacks the inclusion of other elements which add diversity. In read-write culture however, the media user becomes more active; utilising the messages they receive and recycling elements of these in an imaginative way […]

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Trust Nobody

Facebook – currently the only alternative media source I use to derive my knowledge of world happenings… and I don’t even do it consciously. Whatever appears in my newsfeed, whether it’s ‘Luke Jones was marked safe during Hurricane Debbie’ or an article from the mysterious ‘UNILAD’ page, I generally absorb this information. However, since these […]

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Producing content – new modes

Content production is not going anywhere in the near future. In fact, it is the model of production that is currently in jeopardy, or more specifically, journalism. The emergence of new forms of content production from new media users has resulted from a communication trajectory whereby there are no gatekeepers to filter content, and this […]

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